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=I'm pretty much naked if I'm not looking fabulous. My favorite pastimes are art, food, and scaring the shit out of the patriarchy by not giving a damn=


why are people against the ice bucket challenge it’s for a good cause and you get to see all these celebrities in wet clothing clinging to their chests what is the downside why do you not like joy

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It bothered me that there were no Squibs allowed in Hogwarts. Fine, I can get that Squibs would not be able to do any wand magic, and would not be able to fly a broomstick. They still apparently possess enough innate magic to see the school and other magically hidden locations….


The start of the school year in Ferguson was pushed back another week, to Aug. 25th. In the meantime, children are able to spend the day at the library or local churches. 

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